Thank you so much for your order! Your succulent arrangement should last weeks to months with little care. Succulents often do best when you donโ€™t fuss about them which makes them great plants for just about everyone. Here are some tips to care for your purchase:

Wait 2 days after unboxing your arrangement before watering to allow the succulents to acclimate to their new environment. Your arrangement does not include soil except for the small amounts around the root balls of the plants. The succulents are attached to floral foam covered in sphagnum moss which will provide your living succulents with the nutrients they need to grow healthily. Sphagnum moss holds water like a sponge and will slowly provide the plants with the moisture they need over time. You should water your arrangement 1-2 times a month to wet the moss. The easiest way is to gently run the water in the sink and carefully pass the arrangement through the water so the whole arrangement is able to get wet. Then gently put one hand over the plants while gingerly tipping the arrangement to the side so the excess water can drain out into the sink. The container may leak so itโ€™s recommended to let it sit in the sink for some time to dry. Itโ€™s unlikely that you will over-water your arrangement because of the way it is made. Succulents drink through their roots and store the moisture in their leaves. Under watered plants will have limp, wrinkled leaves; over watered plants have mushy, translucent leaves. Adjust your watering schedule if you notice any of these symptoms.

Most succulents prefer full or partial sun. When outdoors, afternoon shade is preferred especially on hot days. When indoors, place succulents by a sunny window and rotate every couple of days or place them under grow lights. If you notice stretching, greening, or fading of the plants it means they need more light.

In general, most succulents can not survive in sub-zero temperatures. They will also burn in hot, full sun. They are a lot like humans and prefer a temperate climate.

Over time, your arrangement may become unruly but that doesnโ€™t mean you should toss it out. Succulents are hardy propagators and will continue to thrive in your garden or in a fresh pot. They may even begin to produce little babies which you can use to grow your succulent collection. Always re-pot using soil made specifically for cacti and succulents. Our preferred brand is SunGro Cactus Potting soil sold at most ACE Hardware stores.
Old leaves at the base of plants will naturally wilt and die but they can be pulled off any time. If a healthy leaf falls off, new leaves will grow to replace it.
Run water over the succulents over the sink to fully soak the plants and the moss attached every couple of weeks or when plants look dehydrated. Air dry and rehang.

Fully submerge the air plant in a bowl of water for 30 minutes every 3 weeks and let air dry or mist regularly with a water bottle.

COLORED MOSS WARNING: If your arrangement includes moss in any other color than natural, please note that the moss is dyed and will bleed when watered and fade over time. Take caution when watering especially with light colored containers because the moss may stain it.

Please reach out to us if you have more questions about caring for your order to